What is the PALS drug discount card?

The PALS drug discount card can help users save up to 80% off the cash price of prescription medication. It can also be used to get discounts off of over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies, as long as they are written as a prescription, and also for pet prescriptions that can be purchased from a pharmacy. Hand the card to your pharmacist along with your prescription. The pharmacist will process the card through their pharmacy system to see what kind of a discount you will get. You will save on most, but not all, prescriptions.

  • The card is always free – no fees or registration
  • Use as often as needed – it never expires
  • Share with friends and family
  • Use at over 63,000 pharmacies nationwide

Use the card if:

  • a drug isn’t covered by insurance
  • you have no drug coverage
  • low medicine cap has been met
  • it offers a better price than the copay

Download a card from the PALS website or order plastic cards from the PALS Print Materials order form.

Can I get a printout of all the available tests?

Yes. Look under the TEST & PRICES menu or download one here.

How do I get an application for ordering a test?

You can order a test by calling our toll-free number at 844-770-PALS (7257) and request an application. You can also download and print the application from the PALS website.

How and when can I see my lab test results?

An account is set up for the client when an order has been placed. You can then view your test results on the PALS website. Your results will be available in two weeks under the Lab Results tab. Sign in with your account information to view your confidential results. The results are also sent to your physician.

Can I order more than one test?

Yes, on the back page of the application there is a section for adding multiple tests.