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About PALS

Patient Assistance for Lab Services (PALS) is a service of The Own Your Own Health Partnership, a health awareness co-op of Missouri-based HepC Alliance and NeedyMeds, a Massachusetts-based information resource dedicated to helping people in need find assistance programs to help them afford medications and costs related to health care.

We offer over 175 commonly ordered blood tests, such as CBC’s, CMP, A1C, Cholesterol screening, and much more. A list of our tests and associated codes and be found on the “tests and Prices” tab. Order forms can be downloaded from the “tests and prices” tab, ordered online, or we can send a supply to participating clinics. Patients pay for tests in advance and results are sent to the patient and to the provider. We do require either a Physician’s signature on the order form or an electronic lab order faxed to our office.

*At this time we do not accept payment online. If payment information is not provided on the order form, you will need to call our office staff to provide payment before tests will be ordered.

Please note: Due to state restrictions PALS service is not available in New York and New Jersey.