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Why would you order lab tests online? Why wouldn’t you simply do what you’ve always done, which is take your piece of paper from your doctor to your lab wait in line for your test, and then go home and wait several days for your results? With lab test prices being what they are, why would you spend money doing this any other way? After all, lab orders are lab orders, are they not?

They are not. There are times when we need certain tests done and done as soon as possible. That’s easier said than done if you do not have health insurance or your insurance does not provide adequate coverage for lab tests. If you are uninsured, out-of-pocket lab costs are a barrier to treatment. Your physician may want to prescribe medication but it’s up to you to cover the cost of expensive lab work before they will prescribe it. These tests can be extremely expensive if you’re paying for them on an out-of-pocket basis, and that leads to the worst possible result: People do not get the information they need because of these lab test prices. That only leads to more problems because people may not find out what is wrong with them until their medical challenges are much, much worse.

When you order lab tests online with PALS or Patient Assistance for Lab Services, you’ll not only be getting the information you need but you’ll be getting the information you need at a reasonable cost. We are of the belief that money should not be a barrier to improved health and that ordering labs should not be something that forces you to make other financial sacrifices. When you order lab tests online, you should do so comfortably with the knowledge that you’re getting the information you need quickly, efficiently, and without incurring unnecessary costs.

How do we compare with other discount lab services?

PALS offers over 400 of the most commonly ordered blood tests with some tests costing as little as $5 each. Many people with all manner of insurance coverages, find that these prices are cheaper than if they used their health insurance co-pay. And for people who lack insurance at all, this is a far better option than you find from almost any standard lab.

We keep our prices down not by lacking in quality, but by doing everything online. This means that we don’t have to have a walk-in laboratory with phlebotomists and medical staff. Our lab workers can be devoted entirely to doing the tests and making sure that the information is accurate and fast, and we don’t have the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar lab.

All testing is confidential and your doctor will receive a faxed copy of the results.

Please note there is a $15.00 processing fee for each order.
This fee is the same no matter how many tests you order.

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You Owe It To Yourself to Find Out –¬†Order Lab Tests Online

Regardless of your opinion on this matter, the fact is that we live in a country where a lot of people avoid getting the medical care they need because they are worried about their ability to pay for it. That leads to way, way too many otherwise-avoidable tragic outcomes. PALS is here to try to prevent that from happening as much as possible. When you order lab tests online with us, rest assured that you are getting the most competitive pricing we can possibly offer. We are not interested in maximizing our own bottom line, but instead, we want to maximize the health of the people who would otherwise shy away from lab test prices.

We are not owned by a large national healthcare conglomerate that owes big money to its shareholders every quarter. We are privately owned and privately managed, and therefore we have the luxury of being able to put quality above profit because we have a guiding mission for our service–and that mission isn’t about the bottom line. That mission is about helping people and doing the work that true healthcare workers should be dedicated to. We want everyone to have a better quality of life, and we mean that both financially and medically. We are raising the bar on lab services because we are not beholden to corporate bigwigs who would have us raising margins on every test in order to squeeze just a little more profit out of our customers.

When you take the fat cats out of health care you are left with real caregivers who care about real patients, who want to see people get well. This is the reason that we got into medicine in the first place: to make people healthy. The same can’t be said of the big corporations who are traded on the NASDAQ and who are run by businessmen, not by healthcare providers who made an oath to help the sick.

If you haven’t been feeling right for some reason, and you have been avoiding the doctor because you don’t want to take on even more bills to pay, you need to do what you can to get past that mindset and take care of yourself. If you have a family, they depend on you to keep doing what you are doing to help them as well as yourself. Order lab tests online so that you can at least have an idea of what is happening, what needs to be done, and what you are facing. Not to mention, it may not always be bad news. Wouldn’t it be nice to order lab tests online and find out that nothing is wrong, or that whatever you’re dealing with is minor and correctible?

Take a look at our available tests above and get started on understanding the nature of your medical status today! We strive to constantly add to our testing range, always increasing our capacity to better take care of you, and always looking for ways to cut costs and times so that you will soon be on a road to recovery that won’t put you in the red. If you feel that you could benefit from these services, we invite you to send your lab order to us and we’ll direct you to a participating lab to get the work done. We want you to feel better both in your body and in your wallet.

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