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We love hearing from our clients. See what they have to say.

“I was in touch with you in June of 2016 and was very thankful to have your help in finding reasonable testing for my HepC treatment through PALS.” – Frank

“I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for those of us with hep c and no insurance. Please extend my gratitude to any and everyone involved in making this possible.THANKS!!” – Connie

“I have been using PALS service for lab testing of my patients for approximately 4 years now. This is the most affordable and reliable option that I have found. It still uses LabCorp for the testing and processing of the lab results, but at a lot lower cost to the patient than it would be if the patient went directly to the lab, or through their insurance. Over this time, Christine has helped me process more than a thousand patient lab requests, with each lab request processed promptly (same day). She is responsive, professional, courteous, friendly, and committed to helping the providers, which indirectly is a service to the patients. Working with PALS takes a load off my plate regarding testing, and the availability of lab results which are provided via your own login at LabCorp and via fax. I highly recommend PALS and Christine to all providers and patients, and believe they are making healthcare testing affordable as testing is the cornerstone to prevention and care of our patients.”
Dr. Bindu Singhal M.D.
Sorrento Mesa Medical Group PC
San Diego, CA 92130

“The PALS program has been very helpful and beneficial to me over the years. Christine is very efficient and proactive and swift in responding to all my questions and feedback. This is the most rewarding program that aided my wellness over the years, and I will continue to recommend it to friends and family. Thank you, PALS!” – Folake Jones, Florida

“I have used the PALS program for a few years. Everyone is very professional and answered any questions promptly. The process was easy. My doctor puts in the order, I make a payment and the order form is sent to me.” – Danita Belanger, Pennsylvania

“I am glad my provider introduced me to your program. I have no insurance, and this helps me a lot, as I must do my labs every three months.  I have been using these services for years now and have nothing negative to say.  Christine Sewell is very helpful at all times and responds promptly to any questions that I may have.  I would recommend these services to anyone.” – Magdalena Kaminski, Texas

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