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How The Program Works

  1. Print the order form and list of available tests or call our office for a mailed copy.
  2. Complete box 1 (Patient Information) and box 2 (Payment Information) on the order form. Remember to sign the form in box 2 and box 3.
  3. Have your provider complete the Physician information box.
  4. If paying by credit card, please fax the form. If you are paying by check, mail the form and check to the address.
  5. Some states require PALS to send a box with your testing materials, please call our office to confirm if you are in one of these states.
  6. Once the specimens are sent to the lab, you will receive your results within 2-5 days.
  7. A copy of your results will be faxed to your provider if he or she request them.

*Please note that due to state restrictions, PALS service is not available in New York or New Jersey.