Why Choose Us

Affordable Lab Tests: Majority of tests priced between $5 and $20. We make healthcare testing affordable as testing is the cornerstone to prevention and care.

Nationwide Testing Centers: We use LabCorp for testing and processing but at a significantly lower cost to the patient than if they went direct or through their insurance.

Extensive Test Offering: PALS provides access to over 400 lab tests, including critical markers such as PSA, bilirubin, thyroid-specific hormone, and white blood count.

Prices Beat Co-Pay: Many clients find our prices are cheaper than their health insurance co-pay.
Physician/Clinic Friendly: We work with YOUR lab process maintaining efficiency.

In Office Blood Draw Program: If your office currently draws labs and is interested in offering PALS services to your uninsured patients, contact us to set up an account.

Convenient Ordering: Visit www.pals-labs.org to download or complete the online ordering form.

Secure Payment Process: After submission, dedicated staff promptly dispatch an itemized invoice, ensuring a secure payment process.

Physician Signature Required: Imperative for patient follow-up and care.

Prompt Results Delivery: Lab requisition sent to nearest lab with results delivered quickly and directly to healthcare provider. Critical results communicated immediately. All testing is confidential.

Exclusive Service for Minor Patients: PALS is the ONLY online Lab that will process minors.

Chronic Condition Support: PALS goes beyond being a service, serving as a steadfast support system for those managing chronic conditions requiring frequent testing.

Alleviating Financial Stress: PALS is a champion for the uninsured where out-of-pocket lab costs are a barrier to treatment.

Quality and Service Above Profit: PALS is privately owned and managed, and our mission is about helping people and doing the work true healthcare workers should be dedicated to.

Flexible Business Model: PALS works with physicians, clinics, county/state health departments and individual patients.

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